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Study in Healthcare Journal: Voice Technology – an Opportunity to Broaden Participation in Patient Reported Outcomes Research

Tokyo, 2020-09-30 This month, easyDialog G.K. (Tokyo, Japan), in collaboration with a global leader in healthcare AI based in Japan, published a joint study in “Value in Health” on the benefits of using voice bots in interviewing patients about their health status. Value in Health is a renowned journal on research in healthcare strategies providing […]

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Cognigy & easyDialog Partnership

Düsseldorf, Germany/ Tokyo, Japan, 2019-11-14 – Cognigy, a global leader in Conversational AI, announced a strategic partnership with easyDialog. Cognigy and easyDialog will collaborate to offer seamless conversational user experiences for customers and employees. The most natural way to achieve an automated dialog, either in spoken or written form, is the implementation of Voice Assistants […]

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