Cognigy & easyDialog Partnership

Düsseldorf, Germany/ Tokyo, Japan, 2019-11-14 – Cognigy, a global leader in Conversational AI, announced a strategic partnership with easyDialog.

Cognigy and easyDialog will collaborate to offer seamless conversational user experiences for customers and employees. The most natural way to achieve an automated dialog, either in spoken or written form, is the implementation of Voice Assistants and Chatbots. These conversational interfaces automate communication for personalized customer and employee experiences at scale.

easyDialog (company slogan: “Talk to Machines”) is well known in the voice assistant industry. The team has designed and deployed groundbreaking projects in the voice industry, such as the world’s first conversational speech control system in cars (Mazda 2014), the first hybrid speech control in cars (Toyota 2017) or German-language Bixby, Samsung’s voice platform (2019). The consulting firm customizes voice and natural-language dialog systems individually for each specific use case: using strategies like recognizing brand names or polite speech, tracking context, understanding ambiguous sentences or helping first-time users, in order to lift a voice system to a production-level user experience. Several organizations ended up trusting the easyDialog’s experts to bring their in-house-built voice solutions to a production-level performance.

Christoph Neumann, CEO of easyDialog states “While easyDialog has focused on voice-enabling B2C solutions, our customers are often also looking for a holistic AI approach for B2C, B2B and B2E. The fact that we can now bring in an enterprise-ready platform with all the expected features and services, fully localized into Japanese, will excite our customers.”

While easyDialog is an expert in the voice assistant industry, Cognigy’s Conversational AI solution, Cognigy.AI, serves as a channel-agnostic platform solution. Cognigy.AI’s toolbox is equipped for conversations across voice and text channels by defining responses across all customer and employee touchpoints. Cognigy helps business take a multimodal conversational approach – providing the best response based on the user’s channel of choice.

Conversational automation can be applied across the enterprise, from Customer Service & Support to IT-Helpdesk to Operations. Common use cases include updating account information, creating service requests and booking meetings. Conversational automation helps customers create outstanding user experiences 24/7 – increasing user satisfaction by at least 33% – while saving cost and reducing workload by at least 70%.

“I am very excited that we can partner with easyDialog. Their experience and innovative approach to finding new opportunities for their clients for voice and chat fit perfectly with our technology offerings.” says Bora Wiemann, APAC Regional Manager of Cognigy. “They have already built convincing, customized dialog systems for voice assistants like Amazon Alexa. Our orchestration platform fits right in to make the overall solution even easier and more powerful.”

Companies are looking for efficient ways to offer seamlessly-integrated support services that act autonomously and automate processes to free up resources, but also offer an innovative user experience. To make use of the most intuitive and most simple interface, Conversational AIs allow an intelligent and automated dialogue, either spoken or written – across all customer touchpoints.

About Cognigy

Cognigy is a global leader in the Conversational AI marketplace, with a highly-flexible enterprise Conversational AI Platform for building advanced, integrated conversational automation solutions through the use of cognitive bots. Leading organizations have standardized on Cognigy.AI to accelerate their adoption of conversational interfaces (bots, assistants and skills) and integrate with existing systems of record, all with enterprise governance (security, administration and compliance.)


Cognigy was recognized in 2018 as a Cool Vendor in “GARTNER’S COOL VENDORS IN AI FOR CONVERSATIONAL PLATFORMS” report. Its client portfolio includes Henkel, Dr. Oetker, Salzburg AG and Daimler. For more information visit:


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