Concierge Bot for Shops and Small Businesses

  • Plumbers, doctors, hair salons or restaurants – every shop and every business gets their own bot now.
  • You own a small business. You and your staff spend loads of time on talking to customers instead of working for customers.
  • These phone calls, messages or emails are highly patternised and repetitive – you are having the same conversation over and over again. 
  • This is what bots do: Having the same conversations again and again.
  • Let your personal concierge bot do the talking for you.
  • Your bot talks to your customers 24/7, anytime, on phone, voice speaker, messenger and PC – in their language.
  • You teach your bot what your customers usually ask and what to answer because you know best what they say and what you say. No need to know IT, coding, or language processing.
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