easyDialog releases CoronaBot Japan / コロナボット

 Tokyo, Japan, 2020-4-2 – Many people in Japan are searching for information about Covid-19, but they get intimidated by the large number of hotlines now available. In order to help Japanese and foreign residents find the right hotline fast, easyDialog G.K. (Tokyo, Japan) has released CoronaBot, a voice and chat AI bot.

Anybody having access to a LINE messenger or to Alexa Voice Service is guided interactively to the most adequate hotline. CoronaBot supports the ongoing communication efforts of call centers by partially reducing misdirected calls, thus increasing efficiency and making additional capacity available.

The Metropolitan Tokyo’s Bureau of Social Welfare and Public Health has approved CoronaBot’s usage of the data shown on Metro Tokyo’s Covid-19 hotline website. Using a proprietary rapid prototyping approach, the bot currently can communicate in English, Japanese, Chinese and German, and shows specific hotlines depending on location, time of day and individual questions of bot users.

Please go to www.easydialog.org/coronabot for bot usage instructions. Please reach out to us for further questions and discussions.

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