Study in Healthcare Journal: Voice Technology – an Opportunity to Broaden Participation in Patient Reported Outcomes Research

Tokyo, 2020-09-30 This month, easyDialog G.K. (Tokyo, Japan), in collaboration with a global leader in healthcare AI based in Japan, published a joint study in “Value in Health” on the benefits of using voice bots in interviewing patients about their health status. Value in Health is a renowned journal on research in healthcare strategies providing information for health care decision-makers as well as the research community.
So-called patient-reported outcome (PRO) interviews are on the rise in current healthcare research, with patients usually filling in paper or electronic questionnaires, often assisted by human interviewers. In this study, a voice bot autonomously interviewed patients in Japanese about the status of their health. For quality assurance and comparison, patients were then asked the same questions in a second, conventional paper survey.
A major finding of the study is that almost a third (31.8%) of answers picked up by the voice bot were in natural language. natural, free-form answers are not handled by the rigid multiple-choice format most conventional surveys offer.  
Please find the article here:
As the study suggests, many patients would probably describe their health status rather in a natural, more complex way, that conventional questionnaires do not handle.  Voice bots allow this freedom of talking naturally. Especially in the healthcare domain, voice bots also enable patients with disabilities to participate in surveys, who were up to now prevented from filling out conventional questionnaires.
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