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We Make Voice AI Work For You

Voice AI is rapidly becoming a mega-trend in consumer technology because it changes the way we interact with machines. Just “talk and listen” to websites, cars, phones, databases, factory machines or household electronics, the same way you would ask a human servant to perform a task. Silicon Valley is betting big on voice, too, by releasing voice-assistants, devices and open voice-platforms. So voice is definitely something for you, too – we will show you exactly how.

Our Experts Know Voice from their Heart

Our experts have deployed solutions on all major voice platforms in the market. Their voice systems are now being helping millions of drivers of Japanese cars, users of Korean phones, participants in medical studies, or app users across the stores. We will walk you through all steps needed for making voice a new key feature of your products.

Our Services

Choosing voice is a big decision with a high entry threshold – things will change drastically. The benefits of voice are plenty, but you’ll need to prepare and chose carefully how you do voice. Our consultants help you rethinking hardware, software and user experience in terms of what’s best for your product.

• Usability Study

We evaluate and predict benefits and risks of adding voice to your product, in terms of user satisfaction, performance changes, resource costs and gains, and competitor standing. We will also help you chose the best supplier and platform for your needs, see below.

• Design

In close collaboration with your UI designers and engineers, we determine the ideal specifications of a voice interface on top or instead of your current interface. We then lay out the individual requirements and implementation steps to realise this project.

• Customization

According to your specifications and your budget, we build customized voice solutions for all major platforms (see below), from scratch. We will also assist with the integration into your current software architecture, and with licensing and copyrighting procedures.

• Evaluation / Benchmarking

Don’t just rely on shiny sales slides: For a given market or product, we will use sophisticated metrics and unbiased evaluation methods to give you an objective and detailed idea how good (or bad) the voice solutions of your competitors really are.

• Data Collection

Natural language has seemingly endless variations to say the same thing. Our linguists collect a representative set of these variations from native and fluent speakers and turn it into semantic models that let your users talk naturally to your voice AI.

• Voice Recordings

We let a cross-section of users record typical commands and requests in a professional recording studio, enhanced by background noise and cognitive conditions. The recordings are used to test and tune pronunciations, language/acoustic models and wake-up words.

Chosing the Best in a Jungle of Voice Suppliers

Selecting a specific voice provider is not just about comparing prices – it’s selecting a philosophy: Every voice supplier has a different business model that deploys voice solutions in radically different hardware and software configurations and most important different customization processes, and obviously every voice supplier will advise you their own way of doing things is the best in the industry.

  • Isn’t the Google cloud voice API all we need?
  • Our customers typically call from loud coffeeshops or driving cars – do we need to think about the noise?
  • What are the benefits and risks of building a voice skill on Amazon’s Echo?
  • Is it possible to customize Apple’s Siri for my business?
  • I just want to cover a few key functions by voice on a small processor.
  • Do all voice recognition systems require an internet connection?
  • Can our employees access our database by voice?

We’ll guide you through the jungle of voice suppliers, unbiased.

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